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Body Language, Non-Verbal Communication & Reading Women
Learn What She's Really Thinking!

Body language is a huge key to knowing when you have a green light to come play! I'll share what I call "shifts" in movement. Watch for how your dream-girl shifts or adjusts her breathing, movement, seating, looking and more while sitting or interacting. Keep in mind, these give you an advantage but they do not make you a mind reader. For instance, if someone is in a horrible mood but are attracted to you, they very well may still portray a closed off body language. Knowing how to read them will give you a head start since you'll have the correct frame of mind when you approach them. Also, knowing how to read others around her can make life easier.

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Our Philosophy:
"The right man is the one who seizes the moment.”
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
17th century philosopher of Romanticism

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"Body Language" taken off page 159 from Tricks to Pick Up Chicks:

When feet shift, you can learn a lot. When feet shift forward, it usually means comfort or confidence. However, when feet shift back, under or curl around a chair leg, it means retreat, lack of confidence or fear.

9. When you first shake hands with your dream-girl, notice her hand position. If she met you half way, there is balance. If her hand was palm up, she is giving you control. If she turns your hand face up and hers face down, she is taking charge. This goes for men or women. If her hand extends far out with a locked elbow, she has not warmed up to you yet. If you evaluate handshakes, what you see is what you get. Strong, controlling, weak, confident, suspicious, careful, scared, insincere and much more can easily be read.

Notice the woman is clearly on top. Men are not often submissive, so this is a sign of a woman clearly taking charge and displaying high confidence.

Notice the man either being in control and/or the woman being submissive.

(There's over 45 complete detailed examples of key body langauge signs you'll want to check out!)

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body lannguage non-verbal communication Chapter 4 - “Body Language"
Learn how to read body language, gestures and expressions so you know exactly what she is really thinking!

Here's a partial list of things you'll be able to do EASILY in just minutes:
• Know when to approach someone
• Learn the tell tell signs of when to stop wasting your time
• See the hidden secrets of shifting feet and leg angels
• Discover how words and body langauge conflict
• Use body language to give you an advantage
• Easily see the different between flirting and nervous tension
• Learn how to spot geniune greetings vs.soeone who wants to run
• Know a trick that lets you know she is 100% for sure into you
• Learn non-verbal communication tips that help you in life anywhere!

All this and more is possible while you simply get to be yourself and have fun!
Chapter 4 contains a variety of ways to know exactly when to approach someone and how to get a accurate vibe of their intentions! No experience required!

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